Here is a sneak peek at some of the speakers at the 2024 Conference

Dr Genevieve Keating

Chiropractic Care for Kids

Dr Jacey Pryjma (Wellkids)  

The research and brain development we need to consider for Preschoolers getting ready for school

Dr Gen Dharamaraj

Helping non verbal kids speak using neuroplasticity and developmental neurology

Assoc Prof Wayne Warburton

Intervention for teens with a screen disorder, and the effects of screen disorders on the brain

Dr Joyce Sutton – Davis

Common reasons to image pediatric patients, clinical justification to X-ray pediatrics and and examine some case studies

Dr Sam Haitsma

Craniofacial Development- theory and practical

Drs John Funnell and Margie Bishop Funnell

“Child Potential Seminar” how to run a Chiropractic practice full of babies and children