The Hamblin Trust is a registered Charity with the New Zealand Charity Services (registration CC29282)

The Trust provides grants to:
  • Undergraduates focusing on chiropractic research,
  • Researchers conducting ground breaking chiropractic related research
  • Chiropractic and scientific personnel for their professional development and education

The Hamblin Trust invites applications for grants to support New Zealand based initiatives that will lead to the advancement, improvement, integration and betterment of the practice of chiropractic in New Zealand.

The Hamblin Trust is a trust established by a deed dated 12 May 1983. The Hamblin Trust was set up following the New Zealand Commission of Inquiry into Chiropractic (1979). It was decided following this Inquiry that the New Zealand Chiropractors Association (NZCA) should use a bequest from Mr Percy Hamblin, a chiropractic patient, as seed money to set up a chiropractic research fund. Originally named the Hamblin Chiropractic Research Fund Trust, The Hamblin Trust was formed and has continued to source donations and funding from within and outside the profession to help fund research into chiropractic.

Aims and objectives of the Trust:

  • to help maintain chiropractic as a recognised and respected partner in healthcare in New Zealand
  • to raise funds for scientific research
  • to educate and develop more chiropractors to participate in scientific research
  • to promote the use of chiropractic in the wider community
  • to provide support for people undertaking scientific research into chiropractic
  • to raise awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care
  • to support scientific research into chiropractic that supports and communicates the benefits and understanding of chiropractic in the community

Our charitable purpose:

The Trustees shall hold the Trust Fund upon trust to pay or apply in New Zealand the income and capital of the Trust Fund in such amounts, at such times, and subject to such terms and conditions, as the Trustees may decide for all or any of the following purposes:

  • Promote research into the understanding and practice of chiropractic in New Zealand
  • Promote education and the advancement of best practice among those working in chiropractic in New Zealand
  • Promote such other charitable purposes as the trustees may decide.

The Hamblin Trust funds carefully selected projects that contribute to a wider body of research.  Most advances in the area of chiropractic research are made by acquiring new pieces of knowledge and fitting these into the leading edge of existing knowledge.  Considerable investment has also been made in the professional development of individuals with the potential to advance the field of chiropractic.

Administration of the Hamblin Trust

The Trust is administered by a group of  four directors elected by the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association (NZCA), including one who is a member of the governing Council of the NZCA.  The directors appoint a lay person in addition to bring additional skills to the Trust. 

The directors receive grant applications, donations and bequests. 

Annual accounts are presented to the NZCA Annual General Meeting.


The Trust is funded through contributions by the members of the NZCA, public donations, bequests and investment income. 

As the Trust is a registered charity (registration CC29282), all donations are tax deductible.


Applications for research grants are welcome.
Please contact the Hamblin Trust Secretary for more information.
Email: hartcons43@gmail.com


People considering a bequest or wishing to donate to the Hamblin Trust
can contact the Hamblin Trust Secretary hartcons43@gmail.com 

Direct donations can be made to:

ANZ Bank

06 0237 0818249 00

Please include your full name and email address so that a receipt can be sent.


The Hamblin Trust Grant Conditions can be read here: Hamblin Trust Grant Conditions 2018 (revised 2019)