The Review of Health and Disability System and the health transitions process provides an opportunity to design health services that make better use of allied health professions to  achieve triple/quadruple aim health objectives for efficiency, quality, equity and  sustainability in health and disability services. 

Allied health practitioners represent a ready-workforce able to support a shift to more effective and more pro-active prevention, person-centred care, and collaborative,  interdisciplinary team-based approaches that are most appropriate for people with  complex health issues including long-term conditions.  

With experience working in multi-disciplinary teams and across the secondary and primary care sectors, many allied health practitioners are also uniquely experienced in supporting patient transitions between settings of care, a critical strength that can support greater  coordination and continuity in patient journeys. 

Members of AHANZ (Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand) commissioned NZIER (New Zealand Institute of Ecomonic Research) to produce this study into the economic and social benefits of better utilising allied health professions to improve health outcomes for individuals, communities and government.

The reports below were completed in June 2021.

The main report is named: Hidden in plain sight.

There is also a short summary on optimising the role of chiropractors in the future health and disability sytem.

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Hidden in plain sight.

Hidden in plain sight - chiropractic.