22 years ago, FxMed’s beginnings stemmed from a need for practitioners to access leading global nutritional brands and functional diagnostics, in turn forming a powerful integrative approach to help treat patients with chronic health conditions. 

At the same time, we began our quest to be a leader in education by partnering with international industry experts and key opinion leaders to share their knowledge, empowering and inspiring practitioners.  Our dedicated approach to education and training is also delivered by our qualified Practitioner Consultants and Technical Support Team who are on hand to support your clinical practice, a mission that remains true under continued local ownership.


“Our vision is to make a difference to healthcare in New Zealand and Australia, by providing practitioners with a personalised and preventive health model, that supports the expression of vitality and wellness in each individual.   We deeply care about the patients that our practitioners serve. Hearing countless powerful stories of patients getting better is the reason for everything we do, and brings us closer to realising our vision.”

- Amal Karl, CEO


Website: https://fxmed.co.nz/