We have space for another great Chiro to join our team due to a lovely long term associate moving to new adventures.

We have a paediatric and family focus, mulitdisciplinary team and gorgeous brand new space in Silverdale/ Hibiscus Coast area - one of the fastest growing areas of Auckland. We've been here for 13 years. You will;

  • take over an exisitng patient base
  • have weekly mentoring with Dr Lorene Dennis
  • learn how to work and feel colnfident helping babies and children with different abilities.
  • Work with an experienced CA to support you.
  • be part of a fabulous fun team with other chiropractors, acupuncturist, Naturopaths, Homeopath ...
  • Have the space and support to grow and evovle yourself in a way that is congruent and authentic for you.
  • Live in one of the best places Auckland has to offer - beaches galore, lovely community, only 25min drive to harbour bridge if you want what the city has to offer.

Needed ;

  • Great team spirit
  • a couple of years experience preferred
  • paediatric experience preferred but not essential
  • love to work with kids, especialy those wired a bit differently!
  • enjoy doing the work and getting results

If this is you, email me and lets chat.


Connected Families Chiropractic

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Lorene Dennis

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email me and lets chat.